The Arena League

Pushing the boundaries of football

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A Very Different League

The Arena League is different. We are different to create opportunity. Opportunity for football fans to enjoy the game in a different way. Opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills in a new environment. Everything we do will push the boundaries.


Ozarks Lunkers
Duluth Harbor Monsters
Waterloo Woo
Kansas City Goats

Hard Hitting, Fast-Paced Hard Hitting, Fast-Paced

Quick Facts

Played on a 50-Yard Field in indoor arenas
FASTER-PACED GAMES with quick play clock & no huddles
Launching summer 2024 with 4 teams
15 man rosters with players who play both offense and defense
younger Athletes who can think quick and able to adapt
is welcome and encouraged


The Arena League is led by a group of qualified and impressive executives and investors, starting with League Chairman and Commissioner, Tim Brown. Brown is serving as the league’s top official and brings a wealth of experience in the sport from his Heisman Trophy winning time at Notre Dame, to his Hall of Fame earning NFL career.

Members of our Board of Advisors will be announced soon!

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